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Office: (917)-528-2902


Let’s face it. Selecting the right location is possibly the most important decision you’ll make. You need more than a property that looks nice; you need a property that makes sense for you from a variety of angles, we at JB MAC REAL ESTATE understand that and go beyond locating real estate for you. We handle apartment leasing and sales as well as investment properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We identify your dream, and help it come true.

We have successfully represented hundreds of owners and buyers. This is some of the properties we have represented

Sold or Leased Properties Highlights

Sold Properties

  • 235    FIFTH AVENUE

  • 446    GATES AVENUE



  • 373    LINCOLN ROAD

  • 633    MACON STREET

  • 246    MAPLE STREET

  • 561    QUINCY STREET



  • 635    MACON STREET





  • 543 Quincy street

  • 287 Main street

  • 156 Mine Road

  • 466 Lafayette Ave

  • 655 Oak Tree Road

  • 181 e. 65th St NY 6E

  • 60-62 70th Ave QNS

  • 1335 Greene Ave BK

  • 452 W. 19th St 2D NY

  • 163 E. 63rd St 16D NY

  • 264 Wyckoff Ave

  • 255 Hudson Street 3B

  • 576 Quincy Street

  • 498 Vermont Ave

  • 1592 Hoe Ave

  • 370 Butler Street

  • 220 Targee St

  • 937 Vanduzer st

  • 141 Nevins Street

  • 1234 Flatbush Street

  • 11 e. 92nd St.

  • 1724 2nd ave 6 D

  • 63 duffield st

  • 240 78th st bk

  • 668 4th ave

  • 670 4th ave

  • 446 lafayette ave bk

Rented Properties

  • 1066  BEDFORD AVENUE, 1

  • 333  GATES AVENUE, 1

  • 333  GATES AVENUE, 2

  • 828  MARCY AVENUE, 2

  • 828  MARCY AVENUE, 1

  • 251  PACIFIC STREET, 20

  • 541  QUINCY STREET, 1

  • 969  BEDFORD AVE,   1-9

  • 1068 BEDFORD AVE, 1-6

  • 558  LAFAYETTE AVE,  1-12

  • 569  GATES AVE, 1-4

  • 547  QUINCY STREET, 1-3

  • 543  QUINCY STREET, 1-3

  • 561  QUINCY STREET 1-4

  • 461  WINTHROP 1-20



  • 439  E. 74th STREET 1-20

  • 410  E. 88th STREET 1-10

  • 352  E. 91st STREET 1-20

  • 412  E. 88th STREET 1-6

  • 461  Winthrop 1-12

  • 423 E. 88th Street 1-20

  • 1881 Woodbine st qns

  • 1815 Putnam Ave qns

  • 936 Herkimer st

  • 1277 nostrand 1-3

  • 541 Quincy St 1-3

  • 881 Lexington Ave 1-29

  • 255 bergen 1-20

  • 259 bergen 1-20

  • 122 bergen 1-8

  • 924 herkimer

  • 133 stanhope 1-6

  • 746 driggs retail

  • 107 atlantic retail

  • 201 nostrand retail

  • 1083 broadway retail

  • 231 smith st retail

  • 410 henry st

Rich Greene Profile Photos_-12.JPG

Richard Greene III

Contact: 347.432.3263

Rich Greene is a Brooklyn native with a deep legacy and solid understanding of New York. He brings a unique passion to the industry and over 15yrs of creative and strategic expertise, working with Fortune 500 companies. He creates an environment of trust for buyers and renters to thrive in.

Anthony Lolli

Managing Director

Phone:  917 577 0261

Real Estate Executive, Investor, Franchisor, Social Media Expert & Influencer , Best Selling Author, Fitness Guru, Entrepreneur Anthony Lolli brings over 25 years of business and leadership experience. He is the son of an immigrant mother and a school teacher father, so he grew up in a very humble household. He went from his humble beginnings to building the fastest growing real estate franchise, Rapid Realty, which grew from 1 to 100 locations nationwide. He built the second largest real estate school in NY with over 45,000 students licensed. He didn’t just stop at that. He built his own real estate portfolio, published a best-selling book “The Heart of The Deal”, and became a media contributor, public speaker, and real estate celebrity. After successfully exiting his businesses, Anthony became an award-winning filmmaker, social media expert, a globally recognized body transformation icon, and a pro muscle model. In addition to this, he continuously devotes his efforts to over 50+ philanthropic organizations, including fund-raising and donating in efforts to create a contribution to his community. Having built his own vast real estate portfolio, Anthony Lolli has become a sought after consultant in complex areas like strategic 1031 exchanges, identifying emerging markets and increasing cash flow opportunities. Anthony was introduced to JB Mac through a recent $26 million dollar transaction they did for him. As a result they decided to join and combine forces to help guide investors and home buyers in this unique never before seen post Covid real estate market.


IMG_7691 3.heic

Krystina Athanasiadias

Phone:  314.713.6835

Krystina is conversational in Greek, and is a native of Williamsburg, Brooklyn but has done high profile deals all over Manhattan and Brooklyn over the years. 

Chris Marnelego 

Contact: 917.340.8147

Chris Marnelego has been a financial management professional for over 15yrs. During his time, he successfully managed private client groups for various financial firms. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Marnelego has directed /owned several Brokerage Satellite offices and managed sales teams with as many as 65 members. He specialized in capital development from early venture capital to the late-stage public domain. Given his attention to client service and tailoring investment strategies for his clients over the years, Chris is uniquely positioned to steer our multi-family clients through any investment climate. 

gabriel photo.png

Gabriel Perez

Phone:  631.988.4173

Gabriel is a career professional musician, and is a local area expert in rentals and sales within the Bed-Stuy /Bushwick areas of Brooklyn.


Sarah Mielkey

Phone:  239.826.2550

Sarah has been a real estate salesperson in New York for two years. With 18 years experience being a cosmetologist she prides herself on client loyalty and retention. To her this career isn't about the money but about finding people their next home. 

Jay Patel

Phone: 714-785-5371

Jay’s primary goal is to help buyers and renters find the perfect fit to their criteria. When he’s not helping clients find their ideal home, Jay works directly with developers to bring the needs and wants of his clients into to the construction process. In turn, he uses his extensive knowledge of architecture, construction and renovation to help clients get the best value and make smart decisions throughout the process.

Heather Fuller

Phone: 770-597-5940


Heather Fuller has lived in Clinton Hill Brooklyn for 12 years. She has worked as a licensed real estate sales person since 2019. Guiding her clients through their real estate journeys in New York has been a joy to her. 

She lives with her husband and two doggies. Heather loves cooking and traveling.

IMG_7688 3_edited.jpg

Brandon Chiaffarano

Phone: 908-268-0472

Brandon Chiaffarano has over 8 years of experience with real estate investments ranging from rental properties to complete renovation projects. He values building relationships with clients and making them his number one priority. He understands the importance of effective communication and is committed to listening to and following through on his clients' needs. Brandon is professional, knowledgeable, and determined, and has a passion for all aspects of real estate.



Christina Maisonet

Phone: 631-434-5103

Christina grew up in Sunset Park,  as a Brooklyn native she understands the importance of a place to call home. She studied technology in college and worked at high end sales as a manager for such brands as BMW. Christina is fluent in Spanish


John Pernicone

Phone: 914-714-0800

A veteran of the industry and seasononed landlord himself, John " Johnny Brooklyn" is a Brooklyn native, investor, property manager and broker with over 30 years of experience. He speaks fluent Italian.



Christian Atiles

Phone: 212-470-0252

As a native Brooklynite, born and raised in Fort Greene, He is knowledgeable in all aspects of the city from where to dine, to what are the best schools for a growing family. he will go above and beyond to ensure that his client achieves their price point they want to achieve. 



Seth Mellon

Phone: 917 617 4792

Seth is a neighborhood expert who lives and works in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. His diligence and attention to customer service makes for a very loyal customer base. Seth is a former career Wall Street trader with a major in Finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder, CO.

Leo Gilbert

Phone: 917 565 2005

I am a born and raised New Yorker. I have lived in New York my entire life and have seen the many changes and the evolution of the city. There is no one better than someone who has lived here for 20-plus years to guide you in your apartment search.


I have an honest and communicative approach to helping my clients. My goal is to put the client in a position to make an informed decision.


I constantly monitor the market and have many relationships with management companies that give my clients a competitive edge. I love helping people. To me, that’s the best part of this job

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